FTV Girl: FTV Girls Kelsey

Yesterday there was a great new addition to the FTV Girls site – Kelsey. She is gorgeous with a really sexy pair of legs. She gets naked (like all the girls on FTV Girls), does some masturbation (like all of them) and just generally is really fun to watch! Damn sexy!

FTV Girls Kelsey

She has quite a few sets and videos up on FTV Girls. I can’t even decide what one is my favorite. I’ll just post a few random photos and if you want more then you’ll have to check them out on the FTV Girls site.

Dildo in her pussy

She looks hot no matter what she is doing – especially when she is naked and masturbating. I’ve saved her videos to my hard drive and they’re going in my ‘HOT’ folder so I never delete them!

Busty photo of Kelsey FTV

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FTV (First Time Videos) FTVGirls.com was inspired after years of research and design as to 'what makes a great site'. Every week they bring out great new photo sets and high quality videos, and have GBs and GBs of DRM-free videos (and 1000s and 1000s of photo galleries, which can be downloaded as a zip). If you want softcore babe videos and photos (i.e., no guys fucking girls), you will be more than pleased with FTV Girls. Almost all subscribers carry on subscribing past the first month because they know the content is worth the $30 a month. There are no hidden charges, your credit card statement won't have anything to do with porn on it, you can watch the videos even after you stop your subscription, they offer videos in different formats and sizes, so whatever your requirements, you'll find the perfect video for you.

Tired of poor generic photography, poor quality images, infrequent updates, fake airbrushed images, boring action, and lackluster website design? So were the guys who made FTV Girls, so FTVGirls.com was developed to push quality to the max and produce content that meets their (and yours!) demanding criteria.
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FTV Girl: FTV Girls Emily Naked

Check out the gorgeous Emily from FTV Girls. She does some sexy poses and has some of the sexiest legs I’ve seen.

FTV Girls Emily

FTV Girls Emily

I love her photos and videos from FTV Girls. Check out a gallery of FTV Girls Emily here.

This is what she had to say about her shoot:

Model Comments: Hey, I’m Emily which isn’t my real name but I actually use that name for my fake ID when I’m going out to clubs 😛 I look a lot older than my age which is 20 and I’ll be 21 in October which will be an exciting time for me :-) I’ll be honest I’m shooting this porn because I need the money and my regular job as a front desk person at Massage Envy isn’t going to cut it. I do some regular modeling yeah but it isn’t really paying much.

When I go to modeling agencies sure I’m tall enough and skinny enough but they always say that I have ‘too much of a commerical look’ :(( So here I am and I wanted to do a porn site that wasn’t all hardcore where u fuck guys or some shady company that doesnt pay their models right. I also love the pictures so I had the photographer promise me to send me some. I haven’t seen the videos yet but I’m sure they’re good :) So if u notice I masturbate differently from how girls seem to do it but its how I started when I was twelve. On my stomach grinding against my fingers and then when I found my first vibrator its grinding against that. I’ve never told anyone about this not even my exboyfriend so its pretty crazy that I’m showing it off to the world now ;~} Am I planning to become a porn star? No but now that I’ve started with this website I see it isn’t too bad at all and it can be a lot of fun so I will do a few more probably.

I like wearing heels and men tend to be intimidated by my height (especially when I wear 4 inch heels or taller and I end up being over 6’2″ tall!!!!) so I don’t wear those platform heels because it becomes overkill. I like my body and I stay in shape by working out all the time and running but my big feet sometimes get in the way (I’m pretty clumsy btw!).

My fav thing in life is music and I learned to dance to hip hop and rap when I was very young, and my parents are metalheads so I got used to 80’s rock, and my brother is in a band, and I’m sort of seeing a guy who is in an alternative rock band too :P. Do my friends and family know what I did on this shoot today? No of course not but I’m sure I will have to tell them sometime because they will find out sooner or later. Thanx, and bye :))

And her photographer had a few words to say too:

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: A little while back this girl sent me these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6. A pretty gorgeous and slender model, I had no idea how tall she was until I met her at the airport! Her plane was delayed (she was arriving from Sacramento) and so she arrived rather late in the evening. I was planning on shooting her half that day but it obviously didn’t work out, but we went out for a dinner and I shot her intro at night. So the first video is somewhat grainy, but she does look damned sexy at the mall at night. We jumped right into public nudity, and as you see, she’s rather talkative and open about herself. The next day we start with a striptease interview and video of photoshoot, and you see her personable, natural attitude, without any inhibitions.

She is like this both on and off camera, so she isn’t putting up an act just for the video. She turns out to be a lot of fun, and she’s also very excited about staying at the FTV mansion, taking pictures of the views and the pool etc… She slept in the FTV bed, so she was fresh and ready to go in the morning. She does look super sexy in those fitting white jeans and those breasts are nicely shaped and perky. She said she would never get implants, which is a good thing, because she doesn’t need them.

The clothes come off and then she does some sexy outfit changes, and we can never get tired of that body dressing & undressing, slender, sexy and even her butt looks good for her form. Tight and flawless… We then come to her masturbation, and I wanted her to do it the way she would in her personal life. With her, its a rather unique way, with her on her stomach (I remember FTV Girl Nadine from 2003 also did it that way) so I let her go for it, with the cameras on tripods so she would alone and comfy. Two angles, one from the back hoping I might get orgasmic views, but that wasn’t possible. Its rather hot however, to see a girl do it in a very voyeuristic view, and very genuinely get off. Then we get extreme closeups of her private parts, very pretty and petite. She can gape pretty nice…

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FTV Girl: FTV Girls Lindy Masturbating On the floor photo gallery

If you like your FTV Girls to be blonde and fucking fit then FTV Girl Lindy is perfect for you. She has the look that every girl wants and the ability to get naked on camera that every guy wants. She is just perfect.

ftv girls lindy

FTV Girl: Cute FTV Girl Allie Masturbation – Hottest Pics So Far!

Meet FTV Girl Allie. Allie is a really hot and sexy babe who is the start of FTV Girls this week. She has some of the hottest masturbation videos ever. Her masturbation style is really nice and watching her make herself cum is the hottest thing you will ever see. Like all the videos on FTV Girls they want the girls to actually cum, and when they do non masturbation videos (rare, but things like public nudity which are fun to watch) you can tell the girls wanna do it and get off on what they’re doign naked in front of the camera.

ftv alliie

FTV Girl Allie has the best eyes and the cutest smile. She is the type of girl next door that you just wanna fuck so badly. Luckily you can somewhat imagine that with allie as she fucks herself and masturbates wildly.

naked wearing just heels

FTV Girl: FTV Allie in leggings

Allie from FTV Girls is another example of why FTV Girls is so popular. They pick completely normal beautiful girls off the street and get them posing. Well ok they don’t actually go ON the street picking up girls to film – but they are real amateur girls. Sometimes the girls end up becoming big pornstar names but quite often as the name implies they are First Time girls on video!

Here is an example of that – FTV Girl Allie. She looks so hot and has that gorgeous girl next door look. She is walking along in leggings but quickly strips!

FTV Girls allie

Seeing as its ftv girls though it doesn’t take much time for FTV Allie to get naked – even if it is outside in the street. she has some smoking hot masturbation videos on her site too so check em out.

ftv girls allie

FTV Girl: FTV Girls Alley – Download Video of her

Just a quick update about FTV Girls Alley. Alley is a hot brunette from Texas.

FTV Girls Alley

Click here to download a video of FTV Girls Alley

FTV Girl: FTV Sophia – Sexy Scottish Blonde Babe

Corr i think i’m in love! Sophia from FTV Girls is gorgeous. Her full name is Sophia Knight, and she has appeared on a few other sites (see this Sophia Knight profile). Sophia has a really fun personality and this really shines through when you watch her videos.

Check out a gallery of FTV Sophia below, or right click here and save target as to view a hd vid of Sophia.

FTV Girls.com Sophia FTV Girls Sophia FTV Girls.com Sophia
FTV Girls.com Sophia FTV Girls.com Sophia FTV Girls.com Sophia
FTV Girls Sophia FTV Girls.com Sophia FTV Girls Sophia
FTV Girls.com Sophia FTV Girls Sophia FTV Girls.com Sophia
FTV Girls Sophia FTV Girls Sophia FTV Girls Sophia

FTV Girl: FTV Girl Marissa – Hottest FTV Girl Ever?

Wow Marissa is fucking perfect! Such a cute face, awesome body! What else do you need!?! 😛

FTV Girl Marissa

FTV Marissa has big boobs, and she knows it. Marissa has some real skill in front of the camera – i can’t work out though if its just because shes gorgeous. FTV Marissa does look awesome naked though. Here is a photo of her in a cute tight red dress:

FTV Marissa in tight red dress with her boobs exposed!

Yes, you see correctly – her boobs are so big they are just popping out of her tight sexy red dress! And I am sure you can see her pussy line through the almost see through dress. And just incase you can’t here is a clearer shot of that beautful shaven pussy of Marissa’s!

FTV Marissa Boobs and Pussy bursting out of her tight dress

Here Marissa looks all innocent as she shows us one of the hottest up skirt shots ever

And yes, she does use that yellow fruit where you think she’ll use it!! (and no, i don’t mean just between her bewbies!!!)

download a HD video of Marissa here

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FTV Girl: Hot FTV Girls Meggan

Check out this hot FTV Girls Gallery of Meggan. Meggan is a cute petitte brunette with a banging body. She has hot tits and a very nice pussy. Meggan gets very naughty and fingers herself and gets out the vibrator in this hot FTV Gallery. Click the image below to enjoy more of her.

FTV Girls Meggan

FTV Girls Meggan

FTV Girl: FTV Girls Maria Gallery

Come hop into this wet FTV Girls Gallery with sexy Maria. Maria is a spicy brunette with lovely tits and a very nice ass. You won’t be able to get enough of this hottie in her FTV Gallery. Maria will have you begging for more. Click the image below to see more of her hot ass.

FTV Girls Maria

FTV Girls Maria