FTV Girl: FTV Girls Kelsey

Yesterday there was a great new addition to the FTV Girls site – Kelsey. She is gorgeous with a really sexy pair of legs. She gets naked (like all the girls on FTV Girls), does some masturbation (like all of them) and just generally is really fun to watch! Damn sexy!

FTV Girls Kelsey

She has quite a few sets and videos up on FTV Girls. I can’t even decide what one is my favorite. I’ll just post a few random photos and if you want more then you’ll have to check them out on the FTV Girls site.

Dildo in her pussy

She looks hot no matter what she is doing – especially when she is naked and masturbating. I’ve saved her videos to my hard drive and they’re going in my ‘HOT’ folder so I never delete them!

Busty photo of Kelsey FTV

Here is what she and the photographer had to say about this shoot for FTV Girls.

Model Comments: Well its my first time leaving the state of texas, well a least flying out of texas i mean. i was so nervous about going to the airport and getting on the southwest plane not because it would crash or something but that id end up flying to the wrong place or meeting a stranger who would kidnap me or something!

i dont live with my parents anymore but i see my sister a lot and she was the one who drove me to the airport. i’m not a good driver i guess because ive had many accidents and my insurance is so high like 200 dollars a month for a crappy car so i dont drive right now. i want to try out porn not just because its for $$ but also because its something i used to fantasize about when i was young. i watch porn all the time and masturbate to it and its really easy to get even if youre twelve.

my parents gave me a laptop and i was very curious about sex so i satisfied myself thru the free porn sites. i like watching girls and guys have sex and i didn’t lose my virginity until 16. i like having sex now and after having a broken heart with a guy who cheated on me for a year i dont go into serious relationships. would you believe his other girl would even facebook me and show off that she was getting better valentines gifts?? well i know now that i’m better looking than her even though a few years ago i wasnt.

for most of my life i was heavier and guys werent interested in me but in the last year ive lost a lot of weight and i straighten my hair and do my makeup properly and things changed so much. so i want to be seen in porn and thats why im trying this website first to see how it is even if it isnt about sex with a guy. it was very crazy to show off my breasts at the store we went to and those guys swarming around me just went out of control! i didnt know thats how the shoot would start but i enjoyed it.

i thought id like taking the photos more but the videos were more fun especially when i masturbated. i was worried that it would have to be a certain way but it was cool that i could watch my porn and masturbate just like i do in my bedroom. i also loved staying at that house that night it was so big and comfy! the photographer was hot too i would fuck him if he let me. the more i shot the more horny i got if you know what i mean. i kept playing with myself but i wanted dick even more after that.

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Kelsey contacted me with a bunch of candid photos, stating that she wants to start shooting adult work and liked the photos she saw on FTV. She sent the following pictures: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 and a little later a nude shot of herself #6. Arriving from Dallas, she mentioned that she’s going to meet with an adult talent agent in LA the next week, so I’m assuming she will be doing all sorts of porn by the time you see this update; hopefully she will enjoy what she does.

As she admits, she’s a late bloomer, and just now is becoming ‘hot’, so she is somewhat overwhelmed by the attention that she didn’t use to get, and new confidence in her look. She has some very sexy legs, and nice skintone, and of course those perfect round C+ cup breasts. They look so firm and perfect in shape… wouldn’t we love to play with those? We head over to a department store she likes to go to in her hometown, though this time we weren’t really shopping haha.

She flashes that perfect pair, and her butt, even fingering herself when she can. Had to get her to take her bra off, and let those breasts bounce! Out in the parking lot, when her shirt comes off, notice how many guys surround her, and start taking pictures.

Notice the womans’ reaction in the distance, which is the exact opposite. Then a little outtake video of a video of photoshoot on outdoors, and her touching up her makeup. She wasn’t wearing much during the department store shoot, so she wanted to add more for the masturbation video. She was shy about masturbating in front of me, so I set up two cameras and left her in the room.

She likes watching porn when she masturbates, and uses her IPad for that purpose. She comes to a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how milky wet she gets, with juices all over. I get some extreme closeups, with spreads and of her wetness deep inside. She had brought a lot of cute dresses & heels, so I had her model a few of them, so we could pick our favorite.

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